<d>Plush Green Stocking with puppy and bones</d><c>6.95</c><w>2lbs</w>

<d>Plush Red Stocking
with Bones and bows</d><c>6.95</c><w>2lbs</w>






Holiday Plush Paw Stockings



Crushed Velvet Deep Red in color

<d>Small Crushed Velvet Stocking</d><c>$4.95</c><w>2lbs</w>

<d>Large Crushed Velvet Stocking</d><c>$6.95</c><w>2lbs</w>

Regular Plush Paw Stockings

<d>Small Plush Paw Stocking</d><c>$3.95</c> <w>2lbs</w>

<d>Large Plush Paw Stocking</d><c>$5.95</c><w>2lbs</w>

Not pictured
<d>Mini Stocking</d><c>$1.99</c><w>1lb</w>






<d> Fleece Tree/ Snoflake Stocking</d><c>$6.95</c><w>2lb</w>


<d>Quilted Paw Stocking Velvet</d><c>$6.95</c><w>2lb</w>


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