Wash 'N Dry

Ready to use

A quick drying waterless shampoo with whitener and optical brighteners. It was formulated to clean and highlight any coat type and color without fading. Leaves hair with a natural feel. No tackiness, No build-up.

Wash n Dry is especially nice for quick "spot" cleaning when a full bath is not necessary. Simply wet areas to be cleaned lather , towel dry. Wash n Dry may also be used as a refreshening mist to highlight colors at ring time.

<d>WC Wash N Dry 16oz</d><c>$5.95</c><w>3lbs</w>

<d>WC Wash N Dry Gallon </d><c>$19.95</c><w>11lbs</w>

<d>WC Wash N Dry case of 4 gals</d><c>$75.00</c><w>44lbs</w>


Winners Circle -Wash 'N Dry

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