Winner Circle

Detangling Spray.

Most importantly it does not contain silicone.

A unique detangling formulation that can be used before or after bathing the anima. For best results give the ingredients time to react with the hair 20 - 30 minutes before force drying or brushing.

Can be used without bathing too.


<d>WC Detangling Spray</d>


Moisturizing Mist

(not currantly picutured)

Distinctive mix of moisturizing ingredients designed to condition without a build up residue, doing away with dry dullness, and adding volume without altering coat texture. To cottony coats it's moisturizing reducing volume, and there for acts as an anti-static agent and helps prevent matting and splits ends.

<d>WC Moisturizing Mist </d><c>$7.00</c><w>3lb</w>




Winners Circle -detangle spray

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