Walkabout Dog or Cat Harness



The design and construction of the Walkabout harness provide the balance
and support necessary for your pet to lead a happier, healthier, cleaner life. Use of the Walkabout can also help minimal back strain that often results from lifting and carrying heavy animals.

For Proper Fit:

A > Measure the circumference of the abdomen directly in front of the back legs.

B > Measure the circumference of the leg at the point where it meets the body

 Size A B
 X-Small 9"-15" 3"-6"
 Small 10"to 16" 3"-8"
 Med 15"-21" 6"-12"
 Med/Large 20"-29" 11"-15"
 Large 24"-31" 14"-17"
 X-Large 31"-35" 16"-19"

<d>X-Small Walkabout Harness</d><c>31.95</c><w>3lbs</w>

<d>Small Walkabout Harness</d><c>31.95</c><w>3lbs</w>

<d>Medium Walkabout Harness</d><c>39.95</c><w>4lbs</w>

<d>Medium/Large Walkabout Harness</d><c>48.95</c><w>4lbs</w>

<d>Large Walkabout Harness</d><c>51.95</c><w>5lbs</w>

<d>X-Large Walkabout Harness</d><c>59.95</c><w>5lbs</w>




<d>Small WalkBelly support</d><c>43.95</c><w>3lbs</w>

<d>Medium Walkabelly support </d><c>47.95</c><w>4lbs</w>

<d>Medium/Large Walkabelly support </d><c>52.95</c><w>4lbs</w>

<d>Large Walkabelly support </d><c>56.95</c><w>5lbs</w>

<d>X-Large Walkabelly support </d><c>65.95</c><w>5lbs</w>

Walkaboots set of 2

(pictured on top with the Walkabout harness)

<d>X-Small Walkabootss</d><c>29.95</c><w>3lbs</w>



<d>Medium/Large Walkaboots </d><c>32.95</c><w>4lbs</w>

<d>Large Walkaboots </d><c>36.95</c><w>5lbs</w>





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