Tuff luv Toys

with squeaker, Heavy duty material and heavy duty stiched to last longer than other toys.

<d>Tuff luv boomerang 10inch </d><c>$6.95<w>1lb</w>
<d>Tuff luvboomerang 7 inch</d><c>$4.95</c><w>2lb</w>

<d>Tuff luv bone 10 inch </d><c>$7.95</c><w>2lb</w>
<d>Tuff luv bone 8 inch</d><c>$6.95</c><w>3lb</w>

<d>Tuff luvflower 8.5 inch </d><c>$9.95</c><w>2lb</w>
<d>Tuff luv flower 6 inch</d><c>$7.95</c><w>3lb</w>



tuff luv toys

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