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Tripett products are made from pure green tripe taken from the highest quality human grade sources and mirror what our pets wild counterparts intinctivly feed on. Green Tripe (green simply means the tripe is pure and unbleached) containes the partially digested grasses in an animals stomach and is rich in digestive enzymes,gastric juices, taurine, amino acids and essential fatty acids which are important to all aspects of your pets health, In green tripe, all of these nutrients occuring naturallly, making them more valuable to your pet than they would be if they were to be derived from extracted sources.

We use no preservatives, no additives no fillers or atrifical ingredients. our cans are pure meat.

Tripett is excellent for dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes, weather they're the family pet, or a Champion.

Tripett Beef original

Tripett Venison

Tripett beef with Duck and Salmon