<d>Set of 2 Mint Flavored Tennis Balls</d> <c>$2.59</c><w>2lbs</w>
<d>Large Tennis Ball</d> <c>$4.95</c><w>2lbs</w>
<d>X-large 5" Tennis Ball</d> <c>$5.95</c><w>3lbs</w>
<d>Giant Tennis ball 6"</d> <c>$6.95</c><w>3lbs</w>



Treat & Ball Bag

Holds Standard Tennis Ball

and or Treats (not included)

Clips to belt loops

draw string shut.

<d>OH Treat & Ball Bag</d><C>$ 3.95</c><w>1lb</w>


Launch a ball is the ultimate dog toy for interactive play and exercise. Simply snap the two pieces together and you are ready for fun and easy game of fetch with your dog. You no longer need to bend over of touch a wet, slobbery tennis ball. Fits standard size tennis balls, (1 tennis ball included with toy)



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