Solid Gold Hair and Skin Care


Natural Herbal Pet Shampoo
A low sudser so as not to cause dandruff.
Supersen Gelle Shampoo
For super sensitive skin. Excellent for all coats including white. discontinued
JoJoba Hair & Coat Condition, Cream Rinse & Detangler
Can be used daily to help soothe irritated skin.
This item is no longer being made.
Aloe Vera / JoJoba Oil Treatment
This item is no longer being made.
Animal Skin Creme
Called the "miracle cream" in Europe - for eczema, hot spots, mange, dog biting himself, skin irritation, etc.
Flaxseed Oil
Adds shine to coat. Aids in elimination of scratching and feet-licking due to dry or dandruff coat.
Aloe-Bi Liniment
Helps to promote healing and protect against infection. Eases pain and inflammation from soft tissue injuries.

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