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Skijoring is cross-country skiing or roller blading with one to three dogs attached to a wide, padded belt with leg straps that you wear around your hips. You connect the belt to your dog's harness with tow line that includes a shock cord sewn into it to cushion you from jerking as the dog pulls. Your dog should be at least 30 pounds or larger if you want him or her to pull you. If you have more than one dog, consider a neckline to tie the two dogs together and dog booties for exercising on either rough or icy terrain.

Recreate in comfort and control with our Hip Belt. Wide, 3" band of lightweight polypropylene webbing encased with a generous layer of foam padding covered with plush polar fleece. 1.5" nylon webbing straps extend 15" from both sides of the belt to help your balance when turning. Two 2" D-rings at the end of the webbing Attach your lines to the belt with a quick release snap (included w/tow line). Two fully adjustable 3/4" nylon straps attach around the legs to hold the belt firmly on your hips preventing the belt from moving upward during exercise. The belt allows free leg and buttocks movement through the use of the adjustable leg straps. Your center of gravity is lowered due to the hip placement of this belt. Available in three sizes - perfect for both the adult and child. Remember to measure your hips, not your waist!  

Skijoring Hip Belt

X-Small Belt fits waists: 24-31"

Small Belt fits waists: 26-34"

Medium Belt fits waists: 34-41"

Large Belt fits waists: 40-48"

X-Large Belt fits waists: 46-65"

<d>XSmall Skijoring Hip Belt</d> <c> $57.95</c><w>3lbs</w>
 <d>Small Skijoring Hip Belt</d> <c> $57.95</c><w>3lbs</w>
<d>Medium Skijoring Hip Belt</d> <c> $57.95</c><w>3lbs</w>
<d>Large Skijoring Hip Belt</d> <c> $57.95</c><w>3lbs</w>
<d>XLarge Skijoring Hip Belt</d> <c> $57.95</c><w>3lbs</w>



 Skijoring Shock Cord and Tug

The Shock Cord is a 5 foot long arctic bungee with a quick release snap.

The Tug Lead is 36" long with a 5/8" brass snap.

 <d>Skijoring Shock cord</d> <c>$14.95</c><w>2lbs</w>
<d>Skijoring Tug Lead</d> <c> $7.95</c><w>2lbs</w>



 Complete Skijor Package

Includes the dog Harness (orange with reflective strips), Hip belt and Shock cord and Tug


Complete Skijoring Package $95.95

Please contact the store to order the complete package. We will need to know the weight of your dog and the size of the hip belt (see above for sizing) you require.