Sorry this product has been discontinued by the manufacture.

Some people have turned to Winners Circle Opano sub instead. click her for more info



<d>Shaws Paw Wax 50g</d><c>$5.75</c><w>1lb</w>




Royal Coatalin

This unique grooming aid is world famous as the supreme coat conditioner. It is beneficial to all breeds. It lubricates and stimulates the coat and skin and hastens the restoration of coat. Royal Coatalin has a deep and rapid penetrating action and imparts a lustrous sheen. Helps prevent matting in a long coat and helps to prevent hair from becoming brittle and breaking.

It is non irritating, acid and alcohol free.


Shaws Paw Wax

Provides grip on smooth or slippery surfaces. Help protect a dog's paws all year round. Helps prevent damage from gravel, asphalt, ice, snow, roads treated with salt and all hard surfaces.



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