Redpaw X-Series

This is not just another dog food. It’s Fitness Food.

Redpaw X-Series™ is more than just another high calorie dog food. Our formulas are specifically created for active dogs and address the finest details of canine fitness nutrition.

We consider the source and quality of every ingredient that goes into our food, as well as the nutrients they provide. As a result, your active dog gets a complete diet that offers a proper

and specific balance of complementary macro and micronutrients.

X-Series food includes whey protein, beet pulp, pork blood meal, oatmeal, and pearled barley. These ingredients round out our proprietary blend of amino and fatty acids, and they supply the micronutrients that take your dog’s nutrition from only 90% to the full 100%.

Each of our four formulas will give your dog the maximum fitness and health benefits from his or her active lifestyle. So whether your dog is running marathons or just running the house, it’s personalized fitness nutrition in a bag.




See the benefits in your dog:

lean, athletic body
exceptional energy, stamina and recovery
less panting & drooling in high temperatures; more content in cold temperatures
less indigestion & gas
firm, easy-to-pick-up stool
shiny, soft coat with less shedding
healthy feet and nails for more comfort walking or running on tough surfaces
more relaxed in stressful environments such as travel or storms
picky eaters will clean their bowl; piggy eaters will be satisfied

X-Series ingredients make the difference:

chicken, pork and fish
whey protein
beet pulp (ideal prebiotic)
pork blood meal (excellent source of minerals)
oatmeal & pearled barley
probiotics & prebiotics
antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals
no corn, wheat, artificial colorings or flavorings
product & packaging made in America




Red paw dog food

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