FREE Training Guide and Divider Panel Included! Removable doors allow training crate to become an indoor pet home Multiple doors add flexibility at home and in the car Gorgeous textured finish complements any home decor Non-skid rubber feet protect any floor's surface Available in six sizes Vets and Trainers Recommend Crates Instinctively, dogs want a personal territory and safe, secure comfort zone of their own to fulfill their need to "den". Dogs prefer to keep their sleeping areas clean and dry. A crate offers a positive solution to house-training and minimizes destructive behavior. This is your dog's bedroom. Try a WIRE Crate for the Best Value: Provides a room with a good view for you and your pet Offers more opportunity for socialization (and a friendlier dog) Provides better air circulation and ventilation Easy to clean Simple to store and transport No small parts/nuts/bolts


comes in copper or silver

we have some silver new ones are copper


3-Door Crate

Antique silver finished crate

All Three doors can be easily removed

1000 and 2000 model doors are on the front, side and top of the crate. On the 3000-6000 models the doors are on the front, back and the side. 

Easy Collapsible Suitcase Crates


19x 12 x 15<d>Prec Deluxe Crate 1000 </d><c>$51.95 </c><w>15lb</w>

24x 18 x 20<d>Prec Deluxe Crate 2000 </d><c>$68.95 </c><w>20lb</w> 30x 19 x 22<d>Prec Deluxe Crate 3000 </d><c>$86.95 </c><w>30lb</w>

36 x 23 x 26<d>Prec Deluxe Crate 4000</d><c> $110.95 </c><w>40lb</w>

42 x 28 x 31<d>Prec Deluxe crate 5000</d><c>$150.95</c><w>70lb</w>

48 x 30 x 33<d>Prec Deluxe Crate 6000</d><c> $165.95 </c><w>70lb</w>



2door crates

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