- Holds pick-up bags, keys, I.D. and more, but features an

expandable pocket to hold pet waste for those times when a trash can is not readily available.

Pooch Pick-up bags

Pick up waste
Easy Tie Handles

Pleasant scented bags

Economical for Daily Use

Pick up where your dog left off!
100 bags

<d>Pooch Pick up bags 100ct</d><c> $7.95 </c><w>1lb</w>

<d> 6 boxes Pooch Pick up bags 100ct</d><c> $40.00 </c><w>4lb</w>

Now in New Biodegradable bags

<d> Pooch Pick up 100ct Bio </d><c>$7.95</c><w>1lb</w>

Expandable leash Bag

<d>Expandable leash bag</d><c> $4.95 </c><w>2lb</w>

Business Bags

Fun and decorative on the go purse for doggie bags

dispense through the bottom

extra refill comes with it

several choices in colors

<d>Business bag purse kit </d><c> $10.95 </c><w>2lb</w>

<d>Business bag refills bags 4 12ct </d><c> $5.95 </c><w>2lb</w>5


Flexi rakes

Colored pooper scooper

Aluminum heavy duty and beauty

they come in 5 colors,

teal, purple, pink, green and blue

and 4 kinds with spade or with a matching rake at 39" long

small pan 6.5 inches or large pan 10.5 inches

<d>flexirake small pan with spade teal </d><c>22.95</c><w>35lb</w>
<d>flexirake small pan with spade purple </d><c>22.95</c><w>35lb</w>
<d>flexirake small pan with spade pink </d><c>22.95</c><w>35lb</w>
<d>flexirake small pan with spade green </d><c>22.95</c><w>35lb</w>
<d>flexirake small pan with spade blue</d><c>22.95</c><w>35lb</w>

<d>flexirake small pan with rake teal </d><c>23.95</c><w>35lb</w>
<d>flexirake small pan with rake purple </d><c>23.95</c><w>35lb</w>
<d>flexirake small pan with rake pink </d><c>23.95</c><w>35lb</w>
<d>flexirake small pan with rake green </d><c>23.95</c><w>35lb</w>
<d>flexirake small pan with rakeblue</d><c>23.95</c><w>35lb</w>

<d>flexirake lg pan with spade teal </d><c>25.95</c><w>35lb</w>
<d>flexirake lg pan with spade purple </d><c>25.95</c><w>35lb</w>
<d>flexirake lg pan with spade pink </d><c>25.95</c><w>35lb</w>
<d>flexirake lg pan with spade green </d><c>25.95</c><w>35lb</w>
<d>flexirake lg pan with spade blue</d><c>25.95</c><w>35lb</w>

<d>flexirake lg pan with rake teal </d><c>26.95</c><w>35lb</w>
<d>flexirake lg pan with rake purple </d><c>26.95</c><w>35lb</w>
<d>flexirake lg pan with spade rake </d><c>26.95</c><w>35lb</w>
<d>flexirake lg pan with rake green </d><c>26.95</c><w>35lb</w>
<d>flexirake lg pan with rake blue</d><c>26.95</c><w>35lb</w>








Pooch Pick up bags

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