Please call for availability of other Peak Combs. Most have been discontinued.

Please check out these other combs of simlar quality I am sure you will be satified.

Chris Christensen


#1 All systems
<D>Peak Comb #687 7-1/2 " X 1- 7/16" Coarse/Fine comb</d> gone

Peak 696 comb is 4 1/2" long and 1/2 inch long teeth very fine





Engineered by master craftsmen, the PEAK PRO is designed specifically for the professional groomer and breeder, It will become standard equipment in every groooming shop, kennel and cattery

Peak Brand combs are the finest made English combs. No other comb compares with the quality and durability of Peak comb. Peak combs are manufatured by riveting the teeth through the brass back. They are properly tempered for longer life and chrome finished to gurard against tarnishing


Peak Combs

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