Ortho Air Beds


42" round




• The Most Therapeutic Bed Design
• The Most Durable Construction and Materials
• Cleans and Sanitizes Easily-Resists Bacteria, 
  Odors and Bugs
• Deluxe 2-Way Valve Prevents Air Leaks
• Individual Coil Air Chambers Contour to Pet
• Sonic Welded I-Beam Construction
• Remains Comfortable for Life


Remove slip cover from bed and machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle using a mild detergent. Tumble dry on cool setting or low heat. Do not use bleach. 

If necessary, clean the PVC bed surface with water and mild detergent.






<d>Ortho air Bed 22x16 with cover </d><c>$12.95</c><w>5lbs</w>
<d>Ortho air bed 28 x18with cover </d><c>$20.95</c><w>6lbs</w>
<d>Ortho air Bed 34x21 with cover



Orthopedic dog beds

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