Removes Skunk Odor

The Odor Handler

Odor Handler contains powerful ingredients that are safe
for most surfaces, fabrics, and colors. As a carpet and
upholstery cleaner, it deodorizes, effectively removes stains,and brightens colors. As a wet mop additive, it prevents mop souring, and eliminates mop odors. When completely dissolved Odor Handler has no odor or residue of its own.

It is totally non-toxic and environmentally safe. Most
effective if used within four hours of mixing.

Odor Handler is a dry powder that is fabulous for removing skunk odors when used as directed with OUR 15 for 1 Shampoo, as well as greasy dogs like Cockers or Schnauzers and "stud cat tail." It can be used to remove many stains such as food, blood, coffee, and detergent buildup on many fabrics. It is terrific for mopping floors, cleaning refrigerators, shampooing carpets, washing walls, etc. It is fragrance-free (no cover-up smells), leaves no fumes or residue. It is non-toxic, environmentally safe, and a thousand times more effective than enzymes. Use it dry on dirt, kennel runs, or cat litter boxes.

<d>CH Odor Handler 1#</d><C>$8.95</c><w>3lbs</w>

<d>CH Odor Handler Gallon</d><c>$67.95</c><w>7lbs</w>


Odor Handler

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