Chris Christensen O C magic foam  










<d>CC-oc magic foam </d><c>$15.00</c><w>3lbs</w>


Dry Breeze

Coarse and Rough Coat Dry Shampoo

Adds body and Texture to soft, limp coats

Cleans and Deodorizes
Dries in Seconds

Can be used on all coat colors

A unique waterless, dry shampoo that dries in minutes for coarse and rough coats.Create long lasting body and texture to soft, limp coats from roots to ends. Instantly cleans, deodorizes while adding coarse texture - no water or blow dryer required. Quickly abzorbs oils and impurities on the coat and skin. Brush out with bristle brush or towel off to sweep away all dirt particles, ,leaving the coat revitalized and clean with volume and texture. Can be used on all coat colors.

<d>CC Dry Breeze </d><c>$15.00</c><w>2lbs</w>








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