New Products

Miracle coat Dirt Shield

Miracle coat Micro Protein Spray

Miracle Coat Medicated Anit Bacterial shampoo



Premium Pet Shampoo

Lusterizer/Conditioner Spray
Miracle Mist™ Skin Treatment
Spray-On Dog Shampoo
Spray-On Puppy Shampoo
Spray-On Waterless Shampoo
Foaming Waterless Cat Shampoo
Foaming Waterless Dog Shampoo
Radiant White Brightning Shampoo
Detangling Shampoo
Skin Soothing Moisturizing shampoo

Sensitive Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo
Spray-On Shed Reducer for Pets
No Fly Zone Spray

New shampoos

Long and silky shampoo
Curly and Wirey shampoo
Short and smooth shampoo
Thick and Dense shampoo

Miracle Coat

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