Metro Dryers   and excessories


NEW !!!!  Metro Quck Draw Dryer

This small but powerful Dryer Provides "Gentle Heat " with Dramatic air velocity to dry pets quickly and thoroughly.

Recommended for Small to Medium breeds. It is also perfect for all breeds at Dog Shows to fluff up and touch up.

<d>Metro QD-1 dryer</d><c>$99.95</c><w>15lbs</w>






Metro Model B-3

2 stage Dual fan 4.0php motor

<d>Metro Model B-3 Dryer</d><c>$229.95</c><w>30lbs</w>

<d>Metro Model B-3 Dryer VARI SPEED </d><c>$249.95</c><w>30lbs</w>

Metro MB-3
Two - both 2 stage dual fan 4.0 php with wheels

<d>Metro MB-3 Dryer</d><c>$395.95</c><w>30lbs</w>



AFTD-3 Commander air force dryers

4.0 TWO SPEED  php (130 cfm 28,000fpm)

Includes power unit ,, 6ft flexible hose with air flow control, air concentrator, air flare groomer rake

<d>Metro AFTD-3 Dryer</d><c>$209.95</c><w>30lbs</w>


New and instock the New Variable speed Commander dryer


<d>Metro AFTD-3 vari Dryer</d><c>$239.95</c><w>30lbs</w>


<d>Metro third arm</d><c>$27.95</c><w>10lbs</w>

<d>Metro towels </d><c>$1.99</c><w>2lbs</w>

Metro replacment filter for the dryers

<d>Metro filter </d><c>$5.00</c><w>2lbs</w>




Meto Air force commander dryers
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