Its Back same manufacture of the Sun pet Flash and Dash Ball is Back

Called the Flash and Glow now




<d>flash and glow ball lg </d><c>$8.95</c><w>1lb</w>

<d>flash and glo jr</d><c>$7.95</c><w>1lb</w>


Sergeants® Fetch & Flash® Ball is a tough durable toy safe for indoor and outdoor play. The blinking light feature is activated upon impact, and continues to flash for a 25-second cycle. A long life titanium battery will provide over 100 hours of flashing fun.
  <d>Flash and Dash Ball </d><c>$9.95</c><w>1lb</w>



Powzer Dual Ball thrower with Flashing ball

(flashes up to 70 hours)

and comes with Tennis ball too!

Attachable belt clip
Fling, Fetch and fold

Extends up to 29"

<d>powzer dual ball thrower </d><c>$9.95</c><w>1lb</w>

Powzer Flashing Spinner

70 hours of Flashing fun

Flashes on impact


<d>powzer flashing spinner </d><c>$9.95</c><w>1lb</w>


Metrorlite lighted Ball

Fun lighted ball for throwing and retrieving

Turns on and off by pressing and holding

Replaceable batteries
Water Resistant and floats
Made of durable rubber
Not intended as a chew toy
2.5" diameter

<d> meteriorlight ball red</d><c>$9.95</c><w>2lb</w>

<d> meteriorlight ball blue </d><c>$9.95</c><w>2lb</w>

<d> meteriorlight ball green </d><c>$9.95</c><w>2lb</w>

<d> meteriorlight ball multi </d><c>$9.95</c><w>2lb</w>

Lighted Frisbee's

On off switch for use at night or dusk so you can see the Frisbee.

Strong for dogs yet soft enough not to hurt when they catch it.

Not a chew toy.

<d>lighted Frisbee red</d><c>$14.95</c><w>1lb</w>

<d>lighted Frisbee green</d><c>$14.95</c><w>2lb</w>

Sergeants® Buddy's Glow Ball® a soft and durable ball that has great bounce and is safe for indoor or outdoor interactive fun between owner and pet. Created from a special material that glows in the dark (after being subjected to light for only a few minutes.) This all-around winner is to accommodates all sizes and breeds of dogs. Comes in 2.2" or 3.25"

<d>Powzer Glow Ball </d><c>$3.95</c><w>1lb</w>

American dog Toys (formally Sun Pet toys)

soft ball sized>Fetch and Glo lg</d><c>$5.95</c><w>1lb</w>

tennis ball size<d>Fetch and Glo med </d><c>$5.49</c><w>1lb</w>

golf ball size <d>Fetch and Glo small 2 pk </d><c>$6.95</c><w>1lb</w>


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