Be Seen at Night

<d>Polybrite 11-16 in</d>


<d>Polybrite 17-22 in </d><c>$12.95</c><w>2lb</w><d>Polybrite 22 -28 in</d><c>$14.95</c><w>2lb</w><d> Matching lighted leash</d><c>$16.95</c><w>2lb</w>




Electronic Flashing I.D. Tag

Motion activated,Water Proof, Automatic On/Off, Super bright

The motion & light sensitive flashing dog tag that works ONLY AT NIGHT!

<d>Spottag bone</d><c>$8.95</c><w>1lbs</w>

<d>Spottag heart</d><c>$8.95</c><w>1lbs</w>

<d>Spottag hydrant</d><c>$8.95</c><w>1lbs</w>



Polybrite Safety Pet Collars

The pet collar provides maximum visibility for pets (and their owners!) during outdoor activity. The recreational line is the first technologically advanced illuminated pet collar. When the light is off it is reflective and when on Its bold flashing action provides visibility up to one mile. A standard battery provides 200 hours of illumination.Can be turned on either flashing or full light. Lightweight and weather resistant. The pet collars are durable, flexible and adjust easily. Batteries included.


Pe Blinkers are made with LED lights that are extremely bright and when flashing and can be seen for a very long distance. Great for pets and people too. Turn off and on as needed.

<d>pet blinker small</d><c>$6.95</c><w>1lb</w>

<d>pet blinker large</d><c>$7.95</c><w>1lb</w> <d> extra pack of batteries </d><c>$5.95</c><w>1lb</w>

<d> Lighted Leash Handle </d><c>$18.95 </c><w>2lb</w>

NEWIlluminating flashing lighted collars with LED by Visiglo

comes in Small 10-14", Med 13-20" and Larg16-26"

<d>Visiglo collar small black</d><c>$19.95</c><w>1lb</w>
<d>Visiglo collar med black</d><c>$19.95</c><w>1lb</w>
<d>Visiglo collar large black</d><c>$22.95</c><w>1lb</w>

<d>Visiglo collar small blue</d><c>$19.95</c><w>1lb</w>
<d>Visiglo collar med blue</d><c>$19.95</c><w>1lb</w>
<d>Visiglo collar large blue</d><c>$22.95</c><w>1lb</w>

<d>Visiglo collar small orange </d><c>$19.95</c><w>1lb</w>
<d>Visiglo collar med orange </d><c>$19.95</c><w>1lb</w>
<d>Visiglo collar large orange </d><c>$22.95</c><w>1lb</w>

<d>Visiglo collar small red </d><c>$19.95</c><w>1lb</w>
<d>Visiglo collar med red </d><c>$19.95</c><w>1lb</w>
<d>Visiglo collar large red </d><c>$22.95</c><w>1lb</w>

<d>Visiglo collar small pink </d><c>$19.95</c><w>1lb</w>
<d>Visiglo collar med pink </d><c>$19.95</c><w>1lb</w>
<d>Visiglo collar large pink </d><c>$22.95</c><w>1lb</w>

<d>Visiglo collar small paw print </d><c>$19.95</c><w>1lb</w>
<d>Visiglo collar med paw printk</d><c>$19.95</c><w>1lb</w>
<d>Visiglo collar large paw print </d><c>$22.95</c><w>1lb</w>

<d>Visiglo collar small bone print</d><c>$19.95</c><w>1lb</w>
<d>Visiglo collar med bone print </d><c>$19.95</c><w>1lb</w>
<d>Visiglo collar large bone print </d><c>$22.95</c><w>1lb</w>

LIGHTED Collar cover

Velcro easily and securely around the dogs existing nylon or leather collar leash or harness.

Visible up to one mile

Uses one 2032 replaceable watch battery

up to 200 hours of battery life

Completly safe

Comes in 2 sizes small 6.25"and Large 7.75"

<d>poly brite collar sleeve sm orange</d><c>$5.95</c><w>1lb</w>

<d>poly brite collar sleeve sm blue </d><c>$5.95</c><w>1lb</w> <d>poly brite collar sleeve lg Yellow with smiley face </d><c>$5.95</c><w>1lb</w> <d>poly brite collar sleeve lg green with palm trees </d><c>$5.95</c><w>1lb</w> <d>poly brite collar sleeve large red with hearts</d><c>$5.95</c><w>1lb</w>

Pup lights

Has 3 Ultra-Bright White LED's
Illuminates Up To 200 Feet In Front of Dog and 70 Feet to the Side
Dog Can Be Seen Coming 3 Blocks Away and 1 1/2 Blocks From Behind
Light Shines Brightly for Over 150 Hrs
Rim Keeps Light From Shining in Dog's Eyes


<d>2 puplights </d><c>$35.95</c><w>4lb</w>

People Liked PupLight So Much they Took Them Away From Their Dog And Started Using The Light Themselves. So We Made a People Version of Puplight Called NekLight. It can be worn as a headlamp or comfortably around your neck.


<d>2 Neclights </d><c>$35.95</c><w>4lb</w>



Light and Reflective Collars

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