How does the Space Cat Litter Additive differ from Space?

Space Additive is a convenient and economical way to combine the advantages of Space Silica Cat Litter with traditional clay cat litters. By adding Space Cat Litter Additive to traditional cat litter, odor can be controlled and there's less to clean and less litter used.

One 4-oz. packet of Space Cat Litter Additive will last one month (for a single cat household; if two cats use one litter box, a 4-oz. packet will last approximately two weeks). For most effective results, we recommend pouring a new packet of Space Litter Additive over the top layer of a freshly cleaned litter box at least once each month.

SPACE Cat Litter

An amazing new alternative to heavy, expensive and inconvenient clay and other traditional cat litters. Space is made of Silica Gel, the highest capacity absorbent available. Even when saturated with liquid or urine, Space litter remains dry to the touch, which means no more time consuming scooping big clumps as with clay litters. You only need to remove solid waste, in a fraction of the time, with Space.

What is Space Litter made of?

Space Litter is made of Silica Gel, the highest capacity absorbent available. It is not actually a gel, but a porous granular form of silica. Silica is one of the most abundant elements on earth, best known as the main component of beach sand.

Non-Toxic and Safe

Space Silica Litter is made from sodium silicate which is inert, non-toxic and biodegradable. Sodium silicate is used as an ingredient in the manufacture of many products, including soaps, detergents, and as a food additive. Its safety is unquestioned, and sodium silicate is used to eliminate moisture and protect food, pharmaceuticals and electronics during shipping. Space produces almost no dust, unlike clay litters, which can produce dust and have been known to cause respiratory problems in people and pets.

Inhibits Bacterial Growth - Unlike almost all other cat litters, Space Litter immediately absorbs liquid urine so the moist environment required for bacteria to grow is virtually eliminated.

How does Space Litter work?

The internal structure of each granule of Space Litter is made up of a large network of interconnected microscopic pores that absorb moisture and odor by a phenomenon known as physical absorption and capillary condensation. Even when saturated with moisture or urine, silica gel looks and feels dry to the touch.

More reasons why Space Litter outperforms clay litters: Saves Time/Less Waste
Clay Litters
More waste,
More time.
Space Litter
Minimum waste,
Clean in seconds.

No more clumps. Clean litter box in a fraction of the time. Send less waste to landfills! Superior Odor Control
Space absorbs most odors.

Immediately absorbs odors
1 box, 1 cat, 1 month
Lasts 4 weeks for a single cat
household (approx. 2 weeks for 2 cats)

Value, convenience, simplicity 1 Space = 4 Clay
Use one box of Space instead of
4 boxes of clay litter.

Better for you, better for the environment.

Sorry NO longer made by manufacture


Precious cat

Special for long haired cats, But if you used Space for your short haired cats it will work just as well.

<d> Precious Cat litter jug 8lb </d><c>$15.95 </c><w>11lb</w>

<d>1 case of 3 Precious Cat litter jug 8lb </d><c>$39.95 </c><w>35lb</w>




Space Cat litter now Precious cat

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