<d>Kool Dry Dryer </d><c>$365.00</c><w>40lbs</w>

Now in smaller size and colors


All the power you need to get the job done in a tiny, convenient size!


Tiny 6" x 6" x 6" size

Low 6.5 amp electrical draw

Quiet! Just like the original Kool Dry!

Includes 9' hose and two nozzle attachments Concentrator and Diffuser

(Hold-a-hose not included) AVAILABLE IN BLUE, PINK, PURPLE & LIME GREEN, and Yellow

Before you purchase take a look at the Metro commander dryer 4 hp for a better price https://www.a1petsupply.com/secure_html/aa-metro.htm


<d>Kool pup Dry Dryer purple </d><c>$275.00</c><w>20lbs</w>

<d>Kool pup Dry Dryer pink </d><c>$275.00</c><w>20lbs</w>

<d>Kool pup Dry Dryer blue </d><c>$275.00</c><w>20lbs</w>

<d>Kool pup Dry Dryer green </d><c>$275.00</c><w>20lbs</w>


<d>Kool pup Dry Dryer Yellow</d><c>$275.00</c><w>20lbs</w>

Introducing the new Kool Dry Mister. Attaches to all of Chris Christensen Systems Dryer Hoses. Add your favorite bodifier/conditioner or just about any product you wish to mist into the coat.


<d> Kool dry mister attachement</d><c>$25.00</c><w>2lbs</w>



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