Precision Pet Partition

  • Durable, see-through mesh barrier that fully retracts
    into housing unit, out of the way, when not in use
  • Scratch and claw-resistant
  • Great indoors and outdoors
  • Engineered for high traffic areas
  • UV, mildew and flame-resistant
  • Locks open or closed
  • Extra wall brackets available for multiple location use

32" tall and up to 53" span

<d>Precison pet partition </d><c>$69.95</c><w>11lb</w>




Kidco Center Gateway Model G15

KidCo's premiere Center Gateway; is a pressure mounted gate that installs quickly without tools or hardware, leaving no holes to damage walls or woodwork. The U-shaped frame remains firmly installed while the center walk-through door opens in either direction.
White color non-toxic finish to fit any decor. The basic Center Gateway fits openings of 29¼" to 37½" wide. Optional extension kits are available for openings up to 48 1/8" wide. Constructed of strong tubular steel and 29 ½" tall, it's great for kids and pets.                         

  <d>Kidco Center Gateway G15</d><c>$94.99</c><w>30lbs</w>

<d>Kidco Center Gateway Extension G5.5</d><c>$24.99</c><w>6lbs</w>

v<d>Kidco Center Gateway Extension G15-12.5 inch extension</d><c>$38.99</c><w>6lbs</w>

Kidco Pressure mount walk through Gate G11

The Gateway is a completely new concept in walk-through gate design. This model can be installed quickly with no tools, hardware, holes or screws. Four non-skid mounting pads eliminate damage to woodwork and walls.
A simple, one hand release allows an adult to swing the Gateway open in either direction. Constructed of heavy tubular steel with a non-toxic white plastic coating, this gate provides the strength and security that every parent expects.

The Gateway is designed for openings of 30" to 36" wide. Optional extensions are available for wider openings. At 29 1/2" high, this gate is ideal for pets too. <d>Kidco G11 Gateway</d><c>77.99</c><w>30lbs</w>

Model G5.5 Optional extension for Gateway where opening is 36" to 41-1/2".<d>Kidco G5.5 Gateway Extension</d><c>$24.99</c><w>6lbs</w>

Only one extension per opening is recommended.

Kidco Wall mounted Gate G20
The Safeway Gate was America's first expandable metal gate. It is constructed of heavy tubular steel with a non-toxic white coating. The neutral color and simple design make this gate blend into any home decor.
For the parent who demands the added safety of a wall mounted gate, the Safeway Gate is easy to install. The mounting instructions include a template to eliminate the need for measuring tools. This gate offers the most flexible and versatile installation options.

As a swinging gate, the Safeway will open in either direction easily with a simple one hand adult release. It can be mounted either as a swinging doorway gate or a permanent window barrier, expanding to fit openings from 281/2 to 43" wide. The 30 1/2" height is great for children or pets.

<d>Kidco G20 Safeway Gate</d><c>$74.99</c><w>30lbs</w>

<d>Kidco Safeway G24-24" Extension</d><c>$37.95</c><w>10lbs</w>

Kidco Beechwood mounted Gate G32

KidCo's Beechwood Gate uses the number one rated hardware mounting system for use at the top of the stairs. It is constructed of the finest furniture quality beech hardwoods. The resulting gate is a beautiful piece of furniture that will complement most home interiors.
This wall mounted gate design offers the latest in safety, security and style. The easy to follow mounting instructions include a hinge template to eliminate the need for measuring tools. The Beechwood Gate offers a wide array of installation options forthe top or bottom of stairs and doorways. Adding to its versatility, the Beechwood hinges can be mounted on most railings and angled walls.

The Beechwood Gate opens easily with one hand and swings in either direction. It expands to fit openings from 25" to 43" wide. A tall 31" height is ideal for kids or pets, too.

angel mount

<d>Kidco Beechwood Gate G32</d><c>$104..00</c><w>35</w>

Model G17 - 17" Optional beechwood extension for openings 43" to 60". <d>Kidco Beechwood Extension G17-17"</d><c>$44.99</c><w>10lbs</w>

<d>Kidco Beechwood Extension 5.5 inch</d><c>$26.99</c><w>10lbs</w>
Only one extension per opening is recommended.

<d>Kidco Beechwood Extension 32.9 angle mount </d><c>$32.99</c><w>10lbs</w>

Kidco Elongate Model G60

Élongate ... the premier child and pet safety gate is designed to fit wide open spaces. The basic Élongate is 29 1/2" high and fits openings 45" to 60" wide. Optional 24" extensions will expand this gate up to 7, 9, 11, or even 13 feet!
Wall mounted for safety, the Élongate features a walk-through door that can be installed at either end of the gate. A simple, one-hand adult release allows the door to swing open in both directions.

Using the latest in European robotic technology, each Élongate is constructed of heavy tubular steel with a non-toxic white plastic coating. The Élongate is an attractive, simple design that complements any decor.

<d>Kidco Elongate G60</d><c>109.99</c><w>70lbs</w>

Model G24 - 24" Optional extension for Élongate. Each extension increases the width in 2 foot increments. A maximum of four 24" extensions are recommended to expand the Élongate up to 13 feet. <d>Kidco Elongate G24-24" Extension</d><c>$37.99</c><w>8lbs</w>

PlayDen™ - provides a free standing, enclosed functional and versatile play area. The basic set of six 24" interlocking sections connect and adjust to form almost any layout of choice. Constructed of tubular steel with a white non-toxic coating. Optional sections are available for larger or irregular areas.<d>Kidco PlayDen PD10</d><c>$209.99</c><w>70lbs</w>

Hearth Gate™ - offers protection from the heat and fire of fireplaces and wood burning stoves in addition to the dangers of sharp corners and the hard rough surfaces of hearths. Five 24" interlocking sections can be angled or set in a straight line as needed, and are wall mounted for safety. Base set fits a 6 foot hearth.<d>Kidco Hearth Gate G70</d><c>$209.99</c><w>70lbs</w>

<d>Kidco Hearth Gate G70-8 inch extesion </d><c>$31.99</c><w>70lbs</w>

<d>Kidco Hearth Gate G70-24 inch extension</d><c>$37.99</c><w>70lbs</w>


Kidco Gates

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