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Send the sample- we email, fax or mail you the results. You need a test each year before you can start the Heartworm pills. Save up to 20-50% on the test. You save an additional $35-50 since you do not pay an office visit fee. This kit is a prepaid service for any one of these three diseases (Lyme, Ehrlichia, or Heartworm). However, we will perform all 3 tests for only $12 additional. We make testing for all three tests affordable. This saves $58-93. Include the payment of $12 (if you want all 3 tests performed) when you send in the sample, not with the order for the kits. Convenient, highly accurate we use the same Elisa testing service that your veterinarian uses to get the same results. Collect the blood sample at home and save. IT'S SIMPLE, QUICK AND EASY.

Are these diseases common?
• Heartworm disease is found in every state of the U.S. and is world wide. It is a slowly developing insidious disease causing various clinical signs of coughing, breathing problems, weight loss, or lack of appetite. Pets only show these signs, however, when they are near death-so test early and every year.
• Lyme disease is extremely common in the northern and northeastern states and Canada, but is found in every state in the U.S. Up to 60% of the dogs in many states have Lyme disease. It is a chronic disease that causes lameness, reluctance to get up, swollen joints, but also weight loss, appetite loss, depression etc.
• Ehrlichia is extremely common in the southern and western U.S. Up to 80% of the dogs in many areas have Ehrlichia. It is not new. Only recently has this test been developed which demonstrates how endemic this disease is in the world. Ehrlichia is the 2nd most common disease of dogs in the U.S. causing weight loss, loss of appetite, bleeding, kidney disease, and death.

Why Test for these 3 Diseases
• Up to 20% of dogs in many areas of various states have heartworm disease. It is present in all states.
• Up to 60% of dogs in many counties of southern states have Lyme or Ehrlichia disease. Both are extremely common.
• You can now afford to test all of your pets for all 3 of these diseases and save up to 20-50% per pet.
• Save $35-45.00 since you do not pay the office visit.
• Save $10-25 on the test itself.
• PLUS you save up to $93 if you want to test for Lyme and Ehrlichia.
• Easy, accurate at home tests. Convenient - you can avoid a trip.
• Avoid the stress to your pet in the car.
• All these diseases can be treated to save your pet's life if detected early, so test all your pets for all three diseases!
• All these diseases are chronic, taking months or years before you notice the changes. Then it is either difficult, expensive, or impossible to treat.
• You will receive written results from a veterinary lab.

ALL OF OUR ~TEST@HOME kits offer these same benefits:

1. Accurate Results – we use the accurate ELISA snap, etc. test device.

2. Easy to do-at home test. You collect the sample and mail it to our veterinary lab. The fecal test only requires 1 tsp. of stool placed in our bag. For the FeLV saliva test just moisten the enclosed swab and mail it to us. For the heartworm, lyme, or ehrlichia test-do you ever do a nail trim? Do you ever get to close? That is all you need to do for the 1-3 drops of blood and then mail it to us. We do not want you to do anything that is stressful to your pet, but the facts are that your dog is less concerned about a nail trim of a rear leg than putting a needle in a front leg. If you are not familiar with performing a nail trim just ask a friend who is a tech, nurse, or groomer. The trip is more stressful!!!! You save $100 and you dog is happy that you did. You can afford to buy a lot more treats for your friend.

3. Fast written results – we process the tests within 24 hours then e-mail, fax, or mail the results the same day.

4. We provide information regarding the significance of negative or positive results.


Now You Can Spend Less AND Do More!! These Are The Average Savings In A 3 Pet Household:

Vet. Fees

Office Call: $30-45

Heartworm Test: $35-65

Lyme & Ehrlichia Test: $70-105

Fecal Worm Test $22

TOTALS: $157-237

Test all your pets for all 3 diseases plus worms and still spend less!!


2) Get fast written results usually within 1-4 days. We send results by email, fax so please include email or fax information.

3) Save $100 per pet each year. Think of how much you save with multiple pets and how much you save over 5-10 years.

4) Save even more if you use our urine or fecal (worm) tests.

5) Convenient - Saves time and your pets get to stay home.

6) Quick and easy to do.

The information on this page is from the company who makes the kits. We at a1petsupply or LDC Professional Pet products only sell the kits we do not give you any results, or responsible for any results of the kits.

<d>Heart Worm Test Kit </d> <c>$23.95</c>


<d>Dog and Cat Fecal Wormer kit</d>



Feline Leukemia Test, Rapid, Reliable Results from a Veterinary Laboratory. A Complete Kit at a low price. Everything is included. Blot a tear or saliva on our special paper (you just need a drop) and mail it to us. We perform the test and mail you results.

<d>Feline Lukemia kit</d> <c>$23.95</c>


The Pet Health Checkup sm is a simple easy to do 3 step home urine test kit that includes everything you need. All you do i place a paper strip in the urine, wait 60 seconds, and the compare colors on the strip to those on the color chart provided.

This is the same test veternarians uuse. No special knowledge is required. -- just follow our simple instructions. We provide easy to follow guides to help determine if your pet has an illness and if you need to see a veternarian.

In addition to The Pet Health Checkup sm, we provide a 20-page booklet full of helpful hints to help deal with training or behavioral problems and resolve home, carpet or lawn damage. We help you to know when and if you need to see a veterinarian -- which can you $60 - $200. This booklet will help you correct and control the problem which saves time and money.


<d>Urine and Lawn Damage kit</d> <c>$17.95</c>


Find out if your horse has worms, which kind(s), and how severe of an infestation your horse has.


<d>Horse Fecal Wormer kit</d>








In Home Pet worm test kits

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