ingredients in the food other than the Meat source

Nutritional Excellence
in Pet Foods

*The following ingredients may help
support the overall health of your pet.

System May help with..
Probiotics Digestive system Digestive disturbances (IBS, IBD)
Probiotics Digestive system Balancing Good and Bad bacteria
Salmon Oil Skin and Coat Freshening skin and coat
Sprouts Immune System Hostile environment for rogue cells
Kelp Intestinal System Cleansing Harmful Elements
Papaya Digestive System Food absorption
Parsley Immune System Vitamin uptake, Blood cleansing
Cranberries Urinary Balancing urinary tract acid
Alfalfa meal Digestive system Stomach disturbances
Artichoke Organ Support Liver conditions
Sweet Potatoes Organ Support Ridding heavy metals, worms
Fennel Organ Support Digestion
Pumpkin Organ Support Fiber balance-worms
Yams Organ Support Nutrition
Blueberries Intestinal System Elimination of free radicals
Egg Nervous System Assisting communication-nerves/muscles
Whole barley(not in grain free) Intestinal System Colon, Cholesterol
Bok Choy Immune System Strengthening organs

Grain Free
Tapioca Digestive Added fiber
Jicama Digestive Intestinal cleanliness

Additional Ingredients
Potatoes Intestinal System Fiber, High Sugar Content
Peas Intestinal System Fiber, High Starch Content, Beta Carotene
** Excessive peas, pea fiber, pea starch, pea protein in foods may cause stomach distress
Flaxseed Gastrointestinal System Omega 3 fatty acids, Fiber, Cholesterol lowering
IBS, Skin, Heart, Digestion
Chia Various Excellent nutritional food



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