The original extending dog leash. Cord retracts automatically with easy one-hand operation. Thumb brake and lock on all models.

Flexi 2-8 Long - Cord leash, up to 44 lbs., 26'
Flexi 3-8 Long - tape leash, up to 110 lbs., 26'
Flexi Tie Out - Over 10lbs., 19 1/2'

New Long in Flexi 1 and 2 is 23ft


Flexi Leads

Durable, high impact, 16 ft. retractable cord or light belt leashes. One finger operation makes this the best lead yet! Gives pet freedom to explore, yet you remain in complete control.

Flexi 1 - up to 17 lbs.
Flexi 2 - up to 44 lbs.*
Flexi 3 - up to 110 lbs.




Flexi Leads

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