flavor doh and pill pockest for dogs and cats






for Dogs

Multi-purpose Treat

Now for cats too

One size conceals ALL Capsules/Pills. Each Flavor-Doh container available for ALL sizes of dogs. Low Calorie Formulas (Pilling with cheese or peanut butter adds 60 to 90 calories to the diet compared to less than 5 calories with Flavor-Doh). Each Flavor-Doh 200 gram tub contains approximately 40 -133 pill wrap doses depending on size of the dog and pills. Guaranteed great taste – liver and chicken flavor for dogs. Healthy dog formulas are made with high quality, supportive and nutritionally beneficial ingredients. No refrigeration needed, stored at room temperature in easy to use resealable containers. Conceals medicinal odors. In independent tests, 100% acceptance for dogs (80 dog clinical study).

<d>Flavor-doh liver</d><c>$9.95</c><w>2lb</w>

<d>Flavor-doh chicken</d><c>$9.95</c><w>2lb</w>

<d>Flavor-doh fish </d><c>$9.95</c><w>2lb</w>

Greenies pill pockest with real chicken flavor and beef flavore


fits most tablests and then larger size for capsuls

30 pockets

<d>greenies pill pockets chicken tablets </d><c>$7.95</c> <w>1lb</w>

<d>greenies pill pockets beef tablets </d><c>$7.95</c> <w>1lb</w>

<d>greenies pill pockets chicken capsules </d><c>$8.95</c> <w>1lb</w>

<d>greenies pill pockets beef capsules </d><c>$8.95</c> <w>1lb</w>









Pill pockets

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