Zinc -Silver X-pen -8- 24" panels

We offer several varying styles and heights compatible with varying needs and budgets.

Convenient: Panels are hinged, making it simple to add or delete panels and adjust size and shape of pen. Unique design folds directly into itself for easy transportation and storage. No tools needed to assemble, so busy customers can be on their way quickly and effortlessly.

Versatile: Perfect for home, travel and dog shows, pens can be used to create additional closure space and can be sold and implemented as add-ons for crates. -- No Doors on this pen.


soft sided play yard

  • soft sided x pen

  • The Ultimate X -Pen in Black

    Now comes with a walk through door

     This Top of the Line Exercise Pen - 8- 24" panels

    Comes in long-lasting Black coating, the toughest on the market and a wise investment for serious professionals and pet enthusiasts
    Folds directly into itself, taking up minimal space, consuming less time in the set-up and take-down processes
    Has a removable drop pin which allows pen to be easily joined with other pens or to your crate for extra play space
    Offers standard locking door on all sizes
    Has an easy carry handle for transporting

    The Versatile Kennel That's Sure to Make an Impression

    • The perfect kennel for pet owners looking for an outdoor dog run or an indoor exercise pen

    • Its unique design and accessories allow complete versatility in configuration, use and storage.

    • Each box contains six 38” high, three-foot wide panels, one of which has a built-in gate for easy access to the pet.

    • The panels are constructed of durable, rust-resistant galvanized steel with a decorative silver crackle finish.

    • The set also contains a set of long and short removable corner pins. The long pins stake the kennel into soft ground, and the short pins can be used to assemble the kennel on hard surfaces.

    • The pins slide-down design allows for quick assembly with no other tools required, and they allow for panels to be easily added or removed to adjust the size and configuration of the kennel. By removing a pin, the Courtyard Kennel can be easily transformed to portable 18-foot fence. And, since the panels can be separated with the simple removal of a pin, the Courtyard Kennel can be disassembled flat for easy storage.


    Why the Courtyard Kennel?

    • Keeps Pets Away from Danger and Gives Them a "Yard" of Their Own
    • No Exposed Screws, Wires or Pins to Injure Your Pet
    • Provides Breathing Room and Visibility for Your Pet
    • Offers an Easy Way to Manage Your Pet Regardless of Your Surroundings
    • Easy to Transport
    • Easy to Set Up, Take Down and Store

    The Very Best Quality

    Durable construction. Includes six 3 ft.-wide panels totaling 18 feet in length.


    Exercise Pens

  • Why an Exercise Pen?

  • Keeps pets away from danger and gives them a "yard" of their own
    No exposed screws, wires or pins to injure your pet
    Provides breathing room and visibility for your pet
    Offers an easy way to manage your pet regardless of your surroundings
    Easy to transport
    Easy to set-up, take down and store

    <d>Prec Silver Xpen 18"</d><c>$45.95</c><w>15lb</w>
    <d>Prec Silver Xpen 24</d><c>$61.95</c><w>18lb</w>

    <d>Prec silver Xpen


    <d>Prec Silver Xpen 36 </d><c>$72.95</c><w>30lb</w>

    <d>Prec Silver Xpen 42</d> <c>$85.95</c><w>30</w>
    <d>Prec Silver Xpen 48</d><c>$94.95</c><w>34lb</w>
    Precision Soft Sided Play yards

    29x 29x17



  • Fold-N-Store Design
  • Ready-to-Go When You Are!
  • No Tools Required
  • Water Resistant for Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Reinforced Corners and Protected Seams
  • Water Dispenser Hole and Holder
  • Heavy-Duty Zippers
  • Removable Top Easily Zips Off
  • Removable, Washable Bottom Floor Panel
  • Ground Stakes Included to Secure to Soft Ground
  • Side Pockets for Accessory Storage
  • Inside Water Bowl Attachment Clip
  • FREE Attractive Carrying Case

  • <d>Prec soft side play yard29"</d><c>$63.95</c><w>30lb</w>
    <d>Prec soft side play yard 36 </d><c>$78.95</c><w>30lb</w>
    <d>Prec soft side play yard 46 </d><c>$95.95</c><w>32lb</w>
    Precision Soft sided Excersise pen

    • 8 each 36” tall panels – with door
    • Heavy-duty, water-resistant nylon mesh canvas
    • For indoor and outdoor use
    • Quick release door panel hinge for full access to pet
    • Steel tubular frame
    • Easily shaped into multiple configurations
    • Ideal for travel – easy to transport


    <d> Prec soft sided ex pen 36 </d> <c>$113.95 </c><w>35lb</w>

    Precision Ultimate X pen Black
    <d>Prec Black X pen 24</d><c>$62.95</c><w>19lb</w>
    <d>Prec Black Xpen 30</d><c>$74.95</c><w>30lb</w>
    <d>Prec Black Xpen 36</d> <c>$90.95</c><w>30lb</w>
    <d>Prec Black Xpen 42</d><c>$108.95</c><w>32lb</w>
    <d>Prec Black Xpen 48</d><c>$121.95</c><w>70lb</w>


    <d>8 pack of Exercise pen stakes</d><c>$4.95</c><w>2lb</w>

    Precision Courtyard Kennel


    <d>Precision courtyard Kennel</d><c>$179.95</c><w>75</w>






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