We carry all the Evangers canned foods

Evangers Canned Dog and Cat foods have been made in the USA for over 80 years. They make their own canned goods in their own canning facility in Wheeling IL.

There products do not include wheat!

Gold Labels 12- pack

Cooked Chicken
Cooked Chicken W Chunks
Beef with Chicken
Beef with Chunks
Turkey Chunk Stew
Lamb and Rice
Sweet Potato


Gold Label Dog 12pk
Duck and Sweet Potato
All Fresh Vegetarian
Roasted Chicken Drummette
Hunk of Beef
Whole Mackerel with Gravy
Whole Chicken Thighs
Braised Beef Chunks with Gravy
New Hand packed Salmon

New Sweet Potato

Game Meats 24 pk
100% Pheasant
100% Rabbit
100% Duck
100% Chicken
100% Buffalo
100% Beef
New100% Pork

All Meat 14oz 12 in a case

Cooked Chicken
100% Beef
Beef w Liver
Beef w Chicken
Beef w Chicken and Liver
Beef and Bacon
Beef Chunks

Complete Dog Dinners12 pk
Lamb and Rice
Chicken and Rice


Cat Canned 24 kp
Chicken , Liver and Tuna
Beef and Chicken
Organic turkey

Cat food Gold Canned 24 pk
Seafood and Caviar
Whole Mackeral with Gravy

Evangers Dry Dog foods in Stock



These wonderful new jerky treats come in 4 different varietys in 4.5oz bags

<d>Evangers Organic Chicken with Fruits and veg jerky </d><c>$5.95</c><w>2llb</w>

<d>Evangers Natural Pheasant with Fruits and veg jerky </d><c>$5.95</c><w>2lb</w>

<d>Evangers Natural Buffalo with Fruits and veg jerky </d><c>$5.95</c><w>2lb</w>

<d>Evangers Natural Venison with Fruits and veg jerky </d><c>$5.95</c><w>2lb</w>

New Against the Grain for dogs and cats in stock now!




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