Ultra-e 2050

The smallest and best Training collar available.

This collar Features

2. Continuous Stimulation only
3 . Tone and "Beep" only
4 . Intensity Level adjustments

Fits neck size for 6 1/2" to 24"

Range 250 yds
The collar features a new patent pending internal antenna system. This unit has digital technology to maximize power and minimize frequency interference from other electronic devices. It has 8 different levels of intensity adjustable with a push of a button a t the transmitter. The collars weighs aprox 4oz. It can be turn on and off with our specially designed collar clip. The collar battery is replaceable with a alkaline or lithium 6 volt battery.

This unit includes one collar, one transmitter, one tester and a training booklet Batteries included.

<D>D.T. SYST. Ultra-e 2050</d><c>$149.95</c><w>2lbs</w>



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