Dog it Mesh Crates
Simulates the Den
Durable and Attractive

Strong nylon mesh fabric. Reinforced corners & connection points

2 poles interlock for quick setup and knockdown.

accesss to pet from 3 sides, ventalation on all sides

 Size of Crate   Price
 24L x 16.5W x16.5H    $58.95
32L x 23W x 23H    $78.95
 36L x 25W x 26H    $88.95
40L x 27W x 27H    $102.95
48L x32W x 38.5H    $129.95

<d>dog it mesh crate small</d> <c>$58.95</c><w>10lb</w>
<d>dog it mesh crate med</d> <c>$78.95</c><w>18lb</w>
<d>dog it mesh crate lg</d><c>$88.95</c><w>30lb</w>
<d>dog it mesh crate x large</d><c>$102.95</c><w>40lb</w>
<d>dog it mesh crate xxlarge</d><c>$129.95</c><w>60lb</w>






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