Brace Couplers

<d>Leather 12" long brace coupler</d><c>$9.50</c><w>2lb</w>

<d> Chain Herman Springer steel 24" long coupler</d><c>$13.95</c><w>2lb</w>
<d> Show nylon brace coupler 12" long</d><c>$6.50</c><w>2lb</w>

Adjustable Coupler for large dogs 1" wide nylon ajusts from 24to 36" total length

<d>aspen adjust coupler1" </d><c>$6.95</e><w>2lb</w>

Ajdustable leash for 2 dogs

1" nylon each side can adust" the leash length is 4 ft Great for walking dogs of different sizes so you can adjust the lenght you need.

<d>Coastal adjust leash 2 dogs 1" </d><c>$18.95</e><w>2lb</w>



Pet Walker -Plus
The no Tangle leash for 2 dogs

*Patented swivel design allows dogs to walk over and under without tangling.

*Separate leads allow each dog individualism and separate mobilty needed to perfom natural duties, Pet owner's can also control and correct each dog when needed. Leads have snaps at both ends for the option to walk one or two dogs together.
comes with a leather handle and nylon leashes, with brass snaps.

<d>Pet Walker Plus 5/8 inch</d><c>$32.95 </c><w>3lb</w>
<d> Pet Walker Plus 1 inch </d><c>$36.95</c><w>3lb</w>




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