A Wet Pet's Best Friend
Cool 'N Dry
The super absorbent towel that always drys your pet fast and keeps your pet cool in hot weather.

  • Pet hair washes off with no clinging, no fuss!
  • Wrings out more easily than towels or natural chamois!
  • Lasts longer than natural chamois & other synthetic sponge products.
  • Resistant to most chmicals, solvents, grease and oil.
  • Can be laundered in your regular wash.
  • Super strong - resists tearing, ripping, fraying and no lint.
  • Replaces bulky cotton towels when traveling, camping, swimming.

Other great pet uses!
pet accidents . . . pet grooming . . . horse grooming . . . aquariums . . . soft on cat paws . . . wipes pet hair from clothing, furniture & carpets

Dries without harming delicate finishes!
<d>Cool dry </d><c>$14.95</c><w>2lb</w>
<d>Cool dry case of 6 </d><c>$66.00</c><w>8lb</w>


Cool 'N Dry Towels

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