Cat Sack

Your cats will love this. Shaped like a fish sparkles and crinkles. toys hanging inside.

The perfect toy for the cat who likes to play in bags.

<d> Cat Sack</d><c>$18.95</c><w>3lb</w>
Aroma Thera Kitty Toys
to sooth and invigorate the Feline Spirit!
This toy comes with 4 lasting scented discs.


<d> Aroma thera kitty Invigorating Bergamot </d><c>$2.95</c><w>1lb</w>

<d> Aroma thera kitty Energizing Jasmine </d><c>$2.95</c><w>1lb</w>

<d> Aroma thera kitty Relaxing Lavender </d><c>$2.95</c><w>1lb</w>

<d> Aroma thera kitty Balancing Eucalyptus </d><c>$2.95</c><w>1lb</w>



Lazy Cat Laser Toy

Projects a red mouse over 100 ft

Meets FDA Standards, Key chain attached.

<d>Lazy Cat Laser</d> <c>$10.95</c> <w>2lbs</w>

Cat Fishing Pole

Reel out fun for your cat with this cat fishing pole

<d>Cat Fishing Pole</d> <c>$3.95</c> <w>2lbs</w>



Cat Tunnel

Great fun to play and hide in, folds down compact for storage.

<d> Cat tunnel</d><c>$24.95</c><w>4lb</w>


Cat Sctatching Post


This post is Made with Sisal and has a toy at the top and mouse hanging for additonal fun for the cat.

It is 18" high

<d> Cat sisal scratching post</d><c>$19.95</c><w>10</w>

Cat it Scratching posts

decorative posts for cats


Hour glass and Vase shapes


<d>catit- hour glass scratching post</d><c>$18.95</c><w>15lb</w>

<d>catit-vase scratching post</d><c>$18.95</c><w>15lb</w>


<d>suction cat toy with feather </d><c>$1.99</c><w>1lb</w>

<d>Mechanical grey fur mouse </d><c>$1.99</c><w>1lb</w>

<d>wiffle ball cat toy </d><c>$1.99</c><w>1lb</w>

v<d>cat toy batting fur </d><c>$1.99</c><w>1lb</w>


Cat Toys


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