Pawbreaker Candy for Cats

Pawbreakers are an EDIBLE toy! – There’s simply nothing else like it! Would you like someone to wrap up your favorite food in something you can never open or eat?! Of course not! Its no wonder so many cats get frustrated with other catnip toys that end up sitting in the corner. Not only do they go stale, but they cant eat them anyway~! With Pawbreakers, your kitty can PLAY with his catnip AND EAT it too!

<d>Pawbreaker</d> <c>$2.49</c><w>1lbs</w>

<d> 5-Pawbreakers</d> <c>$10.00</c><w>2lbs</w>


Premium Catnip

<d> kong premium cat nip</d><c>$2.95</c> <w. 1lb</w>





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