Bio-Groom’s full line includes over 40 unique products . . . more shampoos, conditioners, coat dressings, and specialty items than any other line! It is easy to find the product exactly right for you!

All of Bio-Groom products are made from the finest natural ingredients available today. Bio-Groom products have: No fillers - No thickeners - No detergents and No harsh additives. Bio-Groom products revitalize the skin, soothe, moisturize, and condition, never leaving an irritating residue.

Bio-Groom products are biodegradable, environmentally friendly and out-shine the competition in quality, performance and value!

Bio-Groom is recognized by show professionals for performance and perfection, which is why you will find a Champion on every bottle of Bio-Groom! It truly is the product of champions! We believe every pet is special, every pet is someone’s champion! Discover Bio-Groom and you will discover your best friend has a best friend in Bio-Groom!





Flea and Tick Products

Specialty grooming products




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