Old West Pet Treats


This Pet Treat is our most popular pet treat.

It is 100% freeze dried Lamb lung

Great for dogs with allergies

It can be broken into smaller pieces for training

Great ring treat it won't stain your pocket and the breaking noise gets the dogs attention.

I am sorry to say that Old West has decided to discontinue this product. I have been searching for the closest item in quality

We now have two great products to choose from

The lamb puff is what we have

Your dogs will love it but it will be slightly greasier to the touch.

Lamb Puffs Dogs love them !!!!!!!! cats too


<d>Lamb Puffs 4 oz bag</d><c> $5.95</c>

<d>Lamb Puffs 1 pound bag</d><c> $17.95</c>

case of Lamb Puffs is 6 in a case NOT 3

<d> Lamb Puffs 1case (6-1 lb bags)</d><c> $100.00</c> <w>12lb</w>

Buy 2 case of 1# or 12 for $190.00

<d>Lamb puffs 2 cases </d><c>$190.00</c><w>20lb</w>


We have this product and it is NOT greasy but it is a bit thicker than Baa Baa q's or lamb puffs

Smokehouse Lamb Muchies

<d> SH lamb muchies 4 oz bag</d><c> $7.95</c>


<d> SH lamb muchies8 oz Jar </d><c> $17.95</c>



<d>SH lamb munchies 1 pound bag</d><c> $23.95</c>

case of Lamb munchies is 6 in a case NOT 3

<d>SH lamb munchies 1case (6-1 lb bags)</d><c> 135.00</c> <w>12lb</w>

Buy 2 case of 1# or 12 for $260.00

<d>SH lamb munchies 2 cases </d><c>$260.00</c><w>20lb</w>

both products made in the USA





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