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The unique floatable H2O Aqua Dog toys were made specifically for fun, fetching, training and exercising in and around water The bright contrasting colors make them easy to locate, and the soft durable material make them safe and easy for dogs to grab and catch. The size, weight and buoyancy simulate actual game and the material makes the ideal for scent training. Great for field training and all around fun in backyards and parks. Also great for the beach, ponds and more.

<d>Aqua ripple </d> <c>$3.95</c> <w>3lb</w>
<d>3 aqua Ripples</d><c>$10.00</c><w>5lb</w>

<d>Aqua wave </d> <c>$3.95</c> <w>3lb</w>
<d>3 Aqua Waves</d><c>$10.00</c><w>5lb</w>

<d>Aqua Hook </d> <c>$3.95</c> <w>3lb</w>
<d>3 Aqua Hook </d><c>$10.00</c><w>5lb</w>









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