Industry leader in Clipper Technology

Andis has developed the best cutting, smoothes running, most durable clippers available anywhere in the world. New motor technology developed by Andis is designed to keep pace with the ever-changing lifestyles and demands of todays busy, sometimes overloaded environment. Andis keeps improving and reinventing styling tools to make living life easier, even when cruising in the fast lane. Below is a technical comparison of our newly designed pivot motor, engineered for years of trouble free styling with its"no hassle" adjustment free operation, and our popular and proven magnetic motor.


Clipper Motor Analysis Brief

 Magnetic Motors  Pivot Motors
 Feature/ Benefit: Feature/ Benefit:

 *High Speed-7200 complete blade strokes per minute

*Smoother hair cut

*Twice the power of an equivalent magnetic clipper

*Allow wet hair cutting
*No Power screw or motor adjustment needed

 *Maintenance free *Power is applied in both directions of the cutting stroke
*Stronger blade action
 Lasts for years
*Few moving parts to wear out
 *Maintenance Free
*No Internal oiling  *Lasts for years
*Few moving parts to wear out

*No internal oiling

*No perer adjustment for line voltage required



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