Andis Clipper Blades


  Fit Andis and Oster A5 clippers
BLADE  size cut  mm  Price
  40  1/125" .1mm  <d>40blade</d> <c>$17.95</c><w>1lb</w>
35 1/175 .35mm <d>30blade</d><c>$20.95</c>
 30 1/100" .2mm


15  3/64"  1.5mm  <d>15blade</d><c>$17.95</c>
10  1/16"  <d>10blade</d><c>$17.95</c>
  9  1/8"  3mm <d>9blade</d><c>$17.95</c>
8 1/2     <d>8 1/2 blade</d><c>$23.95</c>
 7F 3/16" 4mm <d>7fblade</d><c> $19.95</c>
  7 1/8"  4mm <d>7blade</d><c>$19.95</c>
6 FC 3/16 4.8mm <d>6 blade</d><c>23.95</c>
  5 1/4"  5mm  <d>5blade</d><c>$26.95</c>
5F 1/4" 5mm <d>5fblade</d><c>$20.95</c>
  4F  3/8"  9mm  <d>4fblade</d><c>$30.95</c>
4  3/8"  9mm  <d>4blade</d><c>30.95</c>
4 1/2 FC 5/16 7.9mm <d>4.5 blade</d><c>26.95</c>
  T84  3/16  3.5mm  <d>T84blade</d><c>$23.95</c>
 40 stainless
 1/125  .1mm  <d>40ssblade</d><c>$17.95</c>
 1/1.25 .1mm <d>50ssblade</d><c>$17.95</c>
  3/4  1/2"  13mm  <d>3 3/4blade</d><c>$36.95</c>
 3/4F  1/2"  13mm  <d>33/4fblade</d><c>$36.95</c>
 5/8 HT 5/8"  15mm <d>5/8bladeHT</d><c>$44.95</c>
foot blade
 1/100  .2mm  <d>5/8footblade</d><c>$23.95</c>


Andis 3-3/4 cut Blades

This is the perfect blade for Puppy cuts and Plush Cuts

Fantastic on Poodles, Bichons, Lhasas, Shih Tzus, mixed breeds and more..

Use after the bath for that velvet, scissor like finish

Custs Scissor time in half. skip tooth blade allows the freedom to clip before bathing, with fantastic results.

The skip tooth cuts the lenght of a #2 attachment comb -cuts 25% longer than a size 4 blade

No more holes using #40 blade because the attachment fell off

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