Andis Nail Grinder



  • The easy, quick and stress-free way to give your pet a perfect pedicure
  • Smoother, rounded nails keep your floors and furniture safe from scratches
  • 2 speeds (7,000/12,000 RPM) for filing nails efficiently and safely
  • Rotating head safely files the sharp and jogged edges of your pets nail
  • No more cutting into the quick or rough edges that occur with nail clipping
  • Perfect for all dog and cat breeds
  • Save money, file your pets nails at home
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable control
  • INCLUDES: Nail grinder, Large sanding drum attachment with 3 sanding wheels, Detachable energy-saving power supply with DC jack, Wrench, Soft storage case Resin concentrator and Styling pick)
<d> Andis nail grinder</d><c>$40.95</c><w>5lb</w>





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